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Soccer Refereeing. A Personal View – Jack Taylor

Outline John Keith Taylor, better known as Jack Taylor, is best known for officiating the 1974 World Cup final during which he awarded a penalty in the very first minute of play, creating World Cup history, as it was the first penalty kick ever awarded in a World Cup final. He also, famously, yellow-carded Johan […]


Soccer Referee: A guide to fitness & technique – Clive Thomas

Outline Known as “The Book” for his strict interpretation of the laws of the game, Clive Thomas is one of the better known British referees from the 1970s and 1980s. My Dutch readers may remember him as the somewhat high-handed referee who sent off Willem van Hanegem at the 1976 European Championships or the referee […]


Twee keer geel is rood (Two yellows make a red) – John Blankenstein

Outline Twice I had the pleasure of meeting in person John Blankenstein, who passed away nine years ago, almost to the day. He was an insightful, empathic man, who chose his words carefully but managed to work some humour in there anyway. He carried this characteristic over into this small book, using this medium to […]


Masterclass for Soccer Officials – Stanley Lover

Outline A former referee, FIFA referees instructor in all six football confederations and chairman of the London Referees Association, Stanley Lover enjoyed the respect of many throughout the latter part of the 20th century. Not least because he also authored many refereeing classics, including Soccer Match Control, an excellent book which not only explains the […]


How to Referee

If you’re reading this, chances are you are or at some point were an active referee. Have you ever stopped to think how easy it has been for you to become a ref? Regular courses, good instructors, mentors, plenty of books available, feedback at referees’ associations… You name it. Now imagine how that was in the […]



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About RefereeingBooks

This whole thing got started a few years ago, when through a string of coincidences I suddenly found myself in the possession of a number of books about football and refereeing. Then, the number was still small... Unfortunately (or maybe not), I was bitten by the collecting bug and now my stack of books has grown to sizeable proportions. Read more >>