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Hi, Sorry this site has been quiet for the past few months. I was busy doing other stuff and simply didn’t have the time to read much. Don’t worry, I will soon resume writing reviews again. What I did do, though, was add to my list of All Books the – many! – titles that I […]


Leo Horn and the 1974 World Cup – Leo Horn

Outline Just over 40 years ago the Orange Machine lit up the world, astounding it with “total football”. If people are wondering at the bickering, whining and extreme attention paid to football these days, especially in the run-up to a World Cup, they’d be surprised to learn it was not much different 40 years ago. […]


I’ll have a ref, thank you – by: Jan Vorstenbosch

This essay was published over two years ago (early 2013) in Dutch daily Trouw. The author is Jan Vorstenbosch, a philosopher and football expert. A researcher at the University of Utrecht, he also teaches ethics there. In 2010 he published “Voetbalgek”, his philosophical reflections on all things football. Jan reacted with great enthusiasm to my request […]


The Referee’s a W*nker – Chris Turner

Brief outline A former professional player turned poet and song-writer, Chris Turner still frequents the stands at Southend United. The chants and rants he hears (and utters?) there have been the inspiration for a number of poems, one-liners and riddles/word puzzles, about 40 of which have been collected in this anthology, interspersed with plenty of […]


Interview: Fox 40

This interview first appeared in a Dutch local referees’ magazine. It is reprinted here with permission.   How long have you been making whistles? Who are the founders? Ron Foxcroft, Founder & C.E.O., Fox 40 International Inc. Ron Foxcroft, the man behind the first pealess whistle, was recently named by Referee Magazine as one of […]


Interview: Simon Topman

This is the English translation of an interview which first appeared in a Dutch local referees’ magazine, which explains references to other articles. It is reprinted here with permission.   As recounted in the article about the history of the referee whistle, the first one ever to be used in an official football match, was […]



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This whole thing got started a few years ago, when through a string of coincidences I suddenly found myself in the possession of a number of books about football and refereeing. Then, the number was still small... Unfortunately (or maybe not), I was bitten by the collecting bug and now my stack of books has grown to sizeable proportions. Read more >>