New titles

Got me a few new – old – titles again! This time there’s a definite German overtone…

Markus Merk & Oliver Trust: BeWEGEnd: Merk & More (2005)

MerkBewegend  And it even came with a complimentary yellow card: MerkBewegendGeleKaart

Then there’s this title: Schiedsrichter im Fussball by Carl Koppehel (2nd edition, 1955)


The last German title is not really a book. It’s more of a laminated A4 sheet depicting all referee and assistant referee signals, called Fußball: Schiedsrichterzeichen und Linienrichterzeichen:



The final two of tonight are Dutch publications, the oldest being a 1939 copy of De regels van het voetbalspel, a Dutch version of the British Referees’ Chart:


And lastly, the fifth imprint (1947) of the Handleiding voor scheidsrechters:


As a result of which I now have editions 1 through 6 of this most fundamental of texts!


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