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Elke rechtgeaarde voetballiefhebber kijkt wel eens naar Match of the Day. Engelse wedstrijden blijven een genot om naar te kijken, al was het maar vanwege het commentaar en de presentatie in de capabele handen van oud-voetballer Gary Lineker. Maar soms verwijzen de commentators naar de spelregels in het Engels. Stel nu dat je dat wilt opzoeken. Waar begin je dan?

Je kunt natuurlijk op het internet het nodige opzoeken (of mij tweeten!). Maar in Engeland is het standaardwerk voor de spelregels de Referees’ Chart and Players’ Guide to the Laws of Association Football, of kortweg de Referees’ Chart. Het wordt al sinds 1896 jaarlijks uitgegeven en verwerkt dan de meest recente spelregelwijzigingen. Vanzelfsprekend mag dit werkje niet in mijn verzamelijk ontbreken. Momenteel heb ik er vier: 1974-75, 1982-83, 1989-1990 en 1990-1991:


Ooit hoop ik het hele rijtje vanaf 1896 hier tentoon te stellen… Mocht je trouwens wat oude exemplaren in je bezit hebben maar er vanaf willen, neem dan contact met me op, dan komen we vast tot een vergelijk. Dank!


  1. I have a referee’s chart from 1914-15 nad i am just wondering how i could go about getting a valuation for it or if you know how much it is worth?

    • Hello Robert,

      Thank you for asking. Would it be possible to send me one or more photos and a description? The value of the book depends very much on its condition (creases, missing pages, browning, water damage, notes written on pages…). If it’s in good condition, I might be interested in purchasing it from you. Please send the info to

      Hope to hear from you. Thanks!


  2. Hi I have a referees and players guide to the game chart 1968-1969, in very good condition, and same year as the “Chester report” was released, and was the last copy of the referees chart released before the introduction of the red and yellow car, as above can u give me an idea of value. Regards Steve (

    • Hello Stephen,

      My apologies for the delay in replying. I have – unfortunately – not too much time to devote to my blog at the moment, so I saw your post only now.

      I also have a copy of this particular Referees’ Chart. It’s the green and white one, right? I’d hate to burst your bubble, but they’re not worth very much. Around 10 quid, but only if in very good condition. Still, a very nice item and I should hang onto it if I were you. With time, they will become more scarce and their value will increase.

      Thank you for telling me this!


  3. your email has been washed by an interfering wife. wish to thank you for your reply yesterday, now i know why i cannot find the charts for sale and no one knows what i am talking about
    at least now i can take up your offer of downloading the chart from from the fa web pages. thanks for well wishes on the game but at 74 i am past running around. i became a professional referee in 1962 and gave it up two years later due to work constraints. the soccer rules and regulations seem lacking the nitty gritty of the official rules of the fa.i some times feel like ringing up commentators on tv for their lack of knowledge and really biased opinions. thanks for time. fritz

    • No thanks necessary, Fritz. Glad to be able to help.
      Great to hear you’re a former referee and still have so much interest in the game. I share your frustration with the lack of knowledge of the laws in players as well as commentators/pundits. Unfortunately, I’m sometimes unable to restrain myself and do post replies to ignorant comments on Twitter. So if you do want to write or call in to those tv ignoramuses, you have my support! Anyway, if you need help downloading, just give me a shout and I can send you a PDF copy by email if you like.
      Great to hear from you. Sorry I’m not updating my site much; I have my own constraints of time to deal with…
      Best wishes,

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